Take Action Now. Show your support. — 1 Comment

  1. It was great to see this post and photo of the Peterson’s Thanks for sharing and for supporting the message! Go Ferndale! Go Indivisible!

    Ps: I hope everyone is showing their support, care, and love of their fellow humans whilst wearing your mask when shopping, waiting in the que at the post office, and in other close spaces where 2 meter social distancing is not possible. It is not a “political” issue, or one of “freedom of choice,” it is a “moral” issue! – It shows that you care for others…yourself, your family, your neighbors, and even your elders – whom you may go to visit not even knowing you are coming to infect, and possibly even kill, them with your “stupidity,” if you don’t wear your mask.

    Many Blessings to all our friends and loved ones in Ferndale!

    Patrick O’Rourke