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  1. You guys have so much fun! See you tomorrow, John. . Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  2. Hi! John & Barbara,  We will be at the March tomorrow, but before the March I-Fortuna will meet at 10AM. I will ask if we still want you to come to our meeting on Feb. 3rd for a PEP TALK or if we want to postpone until another meeting since we are all working to make “RUN, SERVE, LEAD on Feb. 4th at 1PM a big success! We meet the 1st and 3rd Saturdays, at 10AM at the Fortuna Police Station at the corner of 11th and L st.

    I was happy to hear from Carrie that you have my 48 cup coffee pot.  We will need it for the RSL forum to heat water for tea. I have a list of food volunteers from I-Fortuna to talk to tomorrow or call the week before the forum. I understand that Barbara is coordinating food from I-Ferndale. I am sure be will have lots of finger food.

    Regards,  Chris Will


  3. Good morning John,

    I do not know if I am going to make it to the Power to the People Lunch today. I am wondering if you are going to go and if I could get a copy of the sheets from you. I might just stay home and do the phoning below. Any plans for a Ferndale group ? Thank you, Barb Sopjes

    On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 2:33 PM Indivisible Ferndale wrote:

    > John Vernon posted: “Even though Barb and I were visiting with family last > week “down below,” we could not escape the headlines. I am a former > special education high school teacher from Aptos High School. I loved > teaching kids. They are the future. Right? Once every ” >

  4. John:

    You might want to fix the date in the Heading for the next general assembly meeting—the 28th!!

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  5. John: Is IF General Meeting on 24th or 28th? Not clear in annoncement below. Jere Bob

  6. Hi- I’m wondering what would be a good message for a honemade sign in support the Fortuna students on Wednesday ? 🙂

  7. Great post John…thank you! Traveling to Santa Cruz this weekend be back next week for City Council meeting.



    Patrick K. O’Rourke, M.P.A./C.F.R.M. P.O. Box 571 Ferndale, CA 95536-0571 U.S.A. 1-707-786-5200

    On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 2:19 PM, Indivisible Ferndale wrote:

    > John Vernon posted: “The future looks a little brighter even as dark > clouds move across the pastures of the Eel River Valley today. This past > Wednesday, March 14, according to the Women’s March website, there were > 3,136 individual walkouts across the country and around the ” >

  8. Gosh, John, If I follow your “Map” link to Lydia’s house on “Dewey,” I don’t think I can get there by meeting time, should I choose to drive. It’s a long way to Rochester, New York…. Jere Bob

  9. Jim and I will be flying to San Francisco on Saturday. We would love to be there
    but you will all be held safely in our hearts.
    I plan to be a part of the parade. Don’t know about him.

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  10. Let us make a big showing this year. It matters more seriously than ever before. There are more of us.

  11. Jim and I will leave this Friday and will be back on the 11th. We will be at the potluck.
    Don’t know yet what I will prepare.
    I would imagine that Jim and I will help out at The IF both at the fair this year.
    Thanks for all you do for us.

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  12. Thanks to everyone who volunteered at the fair, and thanks for the great photos of the event. I am so appreciative of all you wonderful folks, and grateful for your passion and the work you are doing.

  13. The Obama Speech and Issue of Common Ground

    To all my colleagues and friends in Ferndale

    I hope you have all had access to the Obama speech in Illinois today. It may well be the most important and articulate speech in recent memory. It seems to me that Obama just threw down the gauntlet to support science, good and rational policies for infrastructure support and speaking up, and out, in the face of misinformation and uninformed rhetoric. I take Mr. Obama’s message as the call to be responsible, not afraid to stand up to demagogues whether they are local, or regional or national and confront them when they lie or distort information or data they prove they don’t understand, but repeat anyway because it sounds interesting or good.

    We are all complicit in this dilemma. For instance, using social media irresponsibly has contributed fundamentally to a toxic forum for discussion, and many of us on both sides of the political discourse are guilty of it.

    I hope we all harken to his messages that emphasize the importance of acting with a vision of the future that pushes back against fear, false data and purposeful distortion of issues, threats and purported “opportunities”. There are those who live among us who advertise their truculent pushback to these messages, and we still see their signs on lawns, fences and windows. My guess is that we win the country back by advertising or highlighting the real opportunities and challenges ahead, and not through the embrace of sales pitches that rely on fear and misunderstanding no matter where they originate.

    In my own political life it was always important to draw these lines, and then stand by them, and act – literally turn out to vote for people who are responsible, and honest candidates who vote independently, not slavishly, for the right side of an issue. That probably means supporting those among us who are classic populists, those who can see and support the rational middle. This is a time to push back against belligerent, uninformed bullies. time to draw a line, and be able to say, I believe in an inclusive and informed community. We won’t get there without introspection and careful, thoughtful restatement, re-tweeting of messages or information we have heard, but not examined critically. There is a message to Mr. Trump and his acolytes but it doesn’t have to be asserted solely in a speech or a sign. It is simply I will be responsible about what I say, I will be critical of what I read whether it comes from the “right” or the “left”. I won’t take what is published, whispered or repeated for granted.

    The collective response to bullies is to understand what they are trying to do, examine that carefully and be prepared to respond with care and reason. A good message to people like Trump who advance their cause by hate and misogyny is to stand and deliver. Literally, draw when you’re ready. I am.

    Michal C. Moore, PhD

  14. Thanks, John, for everything you do. I can’t be at the meeting Tuesday. Will pick up cards Wednesday. (50) Susan A. Sent from my iPad


  15. Thanks John…Just FYI, our last minute appeal postcards were mailed on 10/31.

    Patrick K. O’Rourke, M.P.A./C.F.R.M. P.O. Box 571 Ferndale, CA 95536-0571 U.S.A. 1-707-726-6700

    On Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 5:57 PM Indivisible Ferndale wrote:

    > John Vernon posted: “Another reminder to vote! Only four days left. As > many of you know, Indivisible Ferndale has reached out beyond the Humboldt > Nation to join in initiatives with other Indivisible groups throughout > California. Specifically, we have been working with In” >

  16. I want to thank all of the Indivisible Ferndale folks who supported my campaign for mayor (as well as many who may not be a part of IF). Not only did I receive lots of personal and moral support for my candidacy but many people donated their time completing post cards, writing letters to the editor, canvassing and donating and displaying campaign signs. I will be forever grateful for all this support.

  17. I’m traveling out of state until this weekend, but my heart and spirit will be with you all. Thanks for continuing the advocacy at this critical time. See you all on Sunday at Indivisible Ferndale’s Congress Gone Blue & Mayor Sweeney of Ferndale Celebration!



  18. John you did a wonderful job on Sunday with party. Thanks to all who helped and provided food and drink. You are Democratic of the year!!

  19. Thanks for the information and the donation. I will get the money to you. But, a monthly donation to Food for People is a painless way to promote healthy food for our local people who are in need. Perhaps Ferndale Indivisible could list charities that really return a bang for the buck, and encourage monthly giving? Drs. Without Borders, Salvation Army, etc can really use such contributions.

  20. Oh what a tragic story, but one also filled with hope, thanks to you. I wonder if the
    Clothes Closet can help in any way. Perhaps not, as those students might also not
    have a vehicle.
    As Susan Diehl McCarthy said during our Christmas Concert, there are children starving
    in Yemen in 2018. That is also a tragedy and it hurts deeply as does the news of
    homeless and hungry students 15 miles away from Ferndale.

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  21. john, Barb,

    Very generous of you two to match the funds that everyone donated. A good cause!


  22. I will highly recommend Amy Goodman’s 12/21 interview with Andrew Bacevich about Mad Dog Maddis’s resignation. Very well thought out, and raises several important issues.

  23. Hi John,
    I spoke briefly with one of the new School Board members last night after choir.
    Danella Barnes Penman ( not sure of that surname spelling) would like the public
    to attend the meeting on the 13th. The race issue will be discussed and she wants
    support with that issue.

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  24. Mary Ann Hytken, here, from English Express! I plan on attending the BBQ, this Friday. English Express just launched a fundraiser to match foundation funding. Goal: $10,000. We are selling raffle tickets for a night’s stay at Bear River which includes a dinner and casino play money (value $300). May I bring tickets to sell to the BBQ? I posted a flyer on the IF Facebook page (it’s pending approval). THANK YOU for considering. See you, Friday! 🙂

  25. Thank you to Jacki and Lydia for going high when they went low.
    Thank you for standing up for the Democratic Party.

  26. Fantastic news today, the beginning of the end of Trump! Kudos to Huffman and Warren for their leadership and being early advocates for impeachment! Thanks Matt for keeping our Twitter account and web site up and posting up to the minute news

  27. -Sharing on FB, email & verbally;
    -Attending Tuesday’s rally;
    -WordPress doesn’t let me log in with cookies disabled; Sigh.
    -Nobody Is Above The Law
    – 🙂

  28. Matt,

    Thanks for sharing this. Really well written. Have you thought of sharing this with Washington Post? Keep up the great work at Indivisible Ferndale.

    Many Blessings!

    Patrick O’Rourke

  29. Matt,

    Terry suggested New York Times NYT may be a good option (vs. WP). You may already be aware, but, if you do share with a larger audience (like NYT or WP), they are going to want “exclusive” versus sending to both (or more than one). Same journalistic principles apply locally (i.e.: sharing with more than one publication…usually only the 1st to publish will publish). All just FYI…I think your story is really worth a larger share…my second read-trough brought tears to my eyes. Keep up the good writing work!



    • Thank you for sharing your comments. I’m glad it struck a chord. I subscribe to the Washington Post and prefer it to the New York Times, so I’ll give that some thought. I honestly didn’t think about trying to get it published nationally. When I wrote it, I honestly just wanted to get the thoughts out of my head so I could go back to sleep.

  30. Dear Indivisible Ferndale,

    Thank you for hosting this important event. Please put up posters and an ad in the enterprise and if possible on other media so you get good and general attendance.


    Ellen Taylor

  31. It was great to see this post and photo of the Peterson’s Thanks for sharing and for supporting the message! Go Ferndale! Go Indivisible!

    Ps: I hope everyone is showing their support, care, and love of their fellow humans whilst wearing your mask when shopping, waiting in the que at the post office, and in other close spaces where 2 meter social distancing is not possible. It is not a “political” issue, or one of “freedom of choice,” it is a “moral” issue! – It shows that you care for others…yourself, your family, your neighbors, and even your elders – whom you may go to visit not even knowing you are coming to infect, and possibly even kill, them with your “stupidity,” if you don’t wear your mask.

    Many Blessings to all our friends and loved ones in Ferndale!

    Patrick O’Rourke

  32. Thank you to Jere Bob & Carol…their poem brought tears to my eyes.

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  34. THANK YOU to everyone involved in organizing this event!!!! I wish I had known about it as I would have truly liked to have been there!

  35. Glad to see folks from IF and Ferndale standing up to support “Black Lives Matter.” Hope everyone is staying safe.

    Love & Blessings,

    Patrick (Terry & Megan [the cat])

  36. Beautiful and eye opening speech. I didn’t know the extent of the racism in Ferndale. I knew there were a few racists but not at this level. I call out discrimination and racism when I see/hear it and have lost relationships because of it, good riddance. Racism is responsible for the ugliest atrocities mankind has perpetrated and I’m sorry to see that it has not been a few isolated cases but endemic in our town. I wanted to attend this event but I see so many Ferndalers without masks that I didn’t want to risk my health. I’m sorry to have missed being a part of this beautiful peaceful protest. I wish all the best for Tait and others who experience this ugliness and hope for a better future, one of equality and love.