Nearly 1,200 attend Huffman’s town hall — No Comments

  1. Wow. What a hope-booster. Interesting, his comment on what he would have been doing, and how his job (and the job of every elected official at every level of government) has changed. Don’t ask us to work for you. You work for us. An astonishing revolution.

  2. We attended. Congressman Huffman was well prepared and spoke knowledgeably on every issue and on every bill he was asked about. Leaving the meeting, I felt more hopeful and much better informed. At the end of the meeting, he smiled and said he didn’t know why Republicans are having such a hard time at their Town Halls. My mom, visiting from that all Red State, Kansas, was very heartened by the experience!

  3. We attended too, along with several other Ferndalers. Not only was the crowd large and enthusiastic but, based on the quality of the questions that were asked, quite well-informed. Congressman Huffman seemed to relish the questions and spent a good deal of time answering each one. It was an evening well-spent and we left immensely cheered, but also more aware than ever of the immense challenge we all face.

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