LogoShortly after Trump’s election, two outraged former congressional staffers wrote and posted a practical guide to resist the Trump agenda. This Google Doc entitled “Indivisible” was meant to be read by friends and family. No one could have predicted what happened next. It went viral, sparking the creation of thousands of local Indivisible groups in red, blue and purple states, mobilizing millions of people and evolving into a defining movement of the Trump Era. From crowding town halls and killing TrumpCare to rallying around candidates to build the Blue Wave, Indivisibles powered the fight against Trump—and pushed the limits of what was politically possible.
Members of Indivisible Ferndale
Indivisible Ferndale, is one such group, based in the Victorian Village of Ferndale, California. Since it’s formation in early 2017, Indivisible Ferndale has been active in local and statewide campaigns, attended several marches to get the word out, staffed voter registration booths, and called and hosted meetings with local, state, and national representatives to make our concerns known.