Black Lives Matter in Ferndale — 3 Comments

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  2. Glad to see folks from IF and Ferndale standing up to support “Black Lives Matter.” Hope everyone is staying safe.

    Love & Blessings,

    Patrick (Terry & Megan [the cat])

  3. Beautiful and eye opening speech. I didn’t know the extent of the racism in Ferndale. I knew there were a few racists but not at this level. I call out discrimination and racism when I see/hear it and have lost relationships because of it, good riddance. Racism is responsible for the ugliest atrocities mankind has perpetrated and I’m sorry to see that it has not been a few isolated cases but endemic in our town. I wanted to attend this event but I see so many Ferndalers without masks that I didn’t want to risk my health. I’m sorry to have missed being a part of this beautiful peaceful protest. I wish all the best for Tait and others who experience this ugliness and hope for a better future, one of equality and love.