Indivisible Ferndale began in early 2017 as a group of forty friends and neighbors in Ferndale, part of the nationwide Indivisible effort to resist the Trump agenda and the direction of our nation. We believe this is our time to assume the responsibility for our citizenship. We welcome all who share our vision.

Indivisible Ferndale Core Values:

In our America all people are equal

Love is love

Black lives matter

Immigrants and refugees are welcome

Science is real

Women’s rights are human rights

People & planet are valued over profit

Diversity is celebrated

Our Mission

To practice these values; support candidates who practice these values; and help create policies that actualize these values at the local, state, and federal level.

Indivisible Ferndale Committees

Chairs are in bold.


Responsible for maintaining our web site, our social media, and other public media outreach.
Chair: John Vernon
Members: Clyde Akamine, Karen Burkhardt, Matt Knowles


Chair: Jackie Cory


Chair: Susan Diehl


Chair: Barbara Vernon


Focuses on local, state and national issues that affect us and reviews governmental policies. Committee members engage with elected representatives on matters related to immigration, healthcare, environment and education, and work to support candidates who share Indivisible Ferndale values.
Chair: Karen Burkhardt
Members: Karen and Doug Olsen, Stuart Altschuler, Joe and Kerry Chartkoff, Stephen Avis, Stephanie Boers
Carol Bowden, Kathleen and Tom Bullard, Vicki and Steve Bradford, Robin Smith, Donna McQueen, Pete and Mary Ann Bansen, Sylvia Tubb, Jim Stretch, Jeanne Smith, Clyde Akamine, Ann Barbata, Bonnie Deister, Ken McCanless, Pat Lydon

Board of Directors

John Vernon, President
Karen Burkhardt, Vice President
Stephen Avis, Treasurer
Jim Aste, Secretary
Kathleen Bullard, Director
Jim Stretch, Director
Patrick O’Rourke, Director

Indivisible Ferndale is a 501(c)(4) organization. Donations to Indivisible Ferndale are not tax deductible.