A Time for Giving . . . — No Comments

  1. Thanks for the information and the donation. I will get the money to you. But, a monthly donation to Food for People is a painless way to promote healthy food for our local people who are in need. Perhaps Ferndale Indivisible could list charities that really return a bang for the buck, and encourage monthly giving? Drs. Without Borders, Salvation Army, etc can really use such contributions.

  2. Oh what a tragic story, but one also filled with hope, thanks to you. I wonder if the
    Clothes Closet can help in any way. Perhaps not, as those students might also not
    have a vehicle.
    As Susan Diehl McCarthy said during our Christmas Concert, there are children starving
    in Yemen in 2018. That is also a tragedy and it hurts deeply as does the news of
    homeless and hungry students 15 miles away from Ferndale.

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